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Published: 08th August 2009
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Among the many things people in wheelchairs have to fight is the outdoor exposure to rain or hot sun. Disabled people appreciate time spent outdoors and the wheelchairs allow for a degree of independence and mobility. But, they may be tempted to stay inside when the sun is high in the sky or if rain is heavy. Well, those headaches can be disregarded because of the wheelchair umbrellas. By getting one of these handy items you no longer have to worry about being stuck in the home due to the weather.

Spring and summertime are the best seasons to go outside. There is a myriad of flowers in bloom and everyone is coming out having part in outdoor activities. Spring also brings unexpected rain showers and summertime brings with it a a chance of sunburn. You do not have be left out on all of this outside action . Only acquire a wheelchair umbrella. It can be clamped easily at the the sidelong of the wheelchair through the base clamp. The tilt of the umbrella may be corrected to protect you from the rain or the sun. The elevation of the umbrella can also be easily corrected.

While shopping for a wheelchair umbrella, be sure to buy one that opens up to (40 inches - 100 cm) so it will offer adequate shelter for sun use. Wheelchair umbrellas are not expensive at all specially when compared to the gains they offer. A wheelchair umbrella would be priced between $17 and $30.

Wheelchairs have changed a lot from the uninteresting looking gray and blue seated steel chairs of the past. Today, wheelchairs come in two types, the manual and electric.They both can be tailor-made and come in fashionable colors and can be given all kind of accessories. You might as well drive in style, so be equipped for all kinds of weather by attaching an umbrella to your wheelchair.

It does not matter what kind of wheelchair you have, an umbrella can be attached into the frame securely. This is where a wheelchair umbrella is a big help : where there would normally be a normal shaped handle you instead have an attachment that easy connects to the handle of your wheelchair and can be set just how you want it.

You can see that the wheelchair umbrellas come in a great variety of styles and colors themselves. You could pick a nice bright white one or one with multi-colored panels. The main point is to get one that is great sufficient and particularly planned for wheelchair use so your entire body is protected from the sun. In addition you have to be certain that if you get caught in the rain, the umbrella is not too tiny that the water run-off , is falling on your lap. The umbrella can be pulled down when not in use so it will remain out of your way and be barely noticed.

Remember that a wheelchair umbrella is a great accessory for the physically impaired , and we have to do everything we can to make their life easier .

You can find wheelchairs umbrellas at medical supply stores and catalogs from retailers that deal with wheelchairs and accessories.

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