Foam Neck Pillow

Published: 17th July 2008
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Foam neck pillow is ideal for people who often fall asleep on long journeys, that is the reason why they appear almost dead, least bothered about the posture they take to, while sleeping. This results in acute pain in the neck as well as the shoulders later on. The pillow that a person gets to use at the time of traveling may offer some comfort. However, it may develop pain in the neck when the person wakes up finally.

Foam neck pillow is the best and innovative solution to address this problem. The advanced, foam neck pillow offers maximum level of comfort that no other ordinary pillow can. It takes enough care of the head and neck while traveling and offers great support throughout the trip. It responds well to body temperature and heat. Foam neck pillow conforms to the natural shape of the human structure.

Such is the foam neck pillow designed that its flat edge on the backside rests alongside the users back, allowing the user to maintain correct balance of the body. The posh, velour color of foam neck pillow is soft to the skin and is machine-washable.


The newly built, state-of-the-art foam neck pillow relieves people from regular disorders such as neck pain, snoring, insomnia and stress. The pillow cover made of natural Medicott cotton is helpful for people suffering from allergy.

The benefits of foam neck pillow:

1. The natural Medicott cotton pillow cover is perfect for people whose skin is prone to allergy. The pillow cover is termite resistant.

2. The common size of foam neck pillow cover is 20"L * 11"W. It is four inches in thickness.

3. The passage in the foam neck pillow allows good exposure to air and absorbs sweat.

4. Foam neck pillow is sensitive to temperature and connects with the body heat, changing shapes according to use.

5. The pillow positions head and neck in correct order and reduces pressure points for relief from back and neck pain.


foam neck pillow is ergonomically designed to help neck and can adjust itself according to the sleeping habits of the user. It induces restful sleep. It has a lasting durability. It keeps the skin clear and fresh and avoids wrinkles. It does not lose its shape. Hence, it is better to have a foam neck pillow that addresses all your body needs at home and on trips.

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